Dan Black


Upright Citizens Brigade Performer Profile: CLICK HERE


Management: Brillstein Entertainment Partners       

Jerilyn Novia - (310) 205-5128

Brandon Stein - (212) 219-4595   



Location: Los Angeles, CA


Comedy Bang Bang                   Bruno                                IFC           

Adam Ruin’s Everything             Border Patrol                      TruTv

You Can Do Better                     Sketch Actor                      TruTv

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon     Adam Sandler, Ryu              NBC

Nikki and Sarah Live                  Dancer Guy                         MTV

The Pete Holmes Show              Ryan Gosling Voice              TBS

Girl Code                                  Boyfriend                           MTV

Cake Boss                                Bobby Falcone                     TLC

Video On Trial                           Music Video Commentator    FUSE           

10 Things                                 Sketch Actor                       Trutv



ASSSSCAT 3000                                         Improv             Upright Citizens Brigade

Death By Roo Roo                                     Improv              Upright Citizens Brigade

Your F'ed Up Family                                   Improv              Upright Citizens Brigade

Harold Night                                             Improv              Upright Citizens Brigade

Maude Night                                             Sketch              Upright Citizens Brigade

The Pageantry of Man                                 Sketch              Upright Citizens Brigade

Sit Down and Shut Up NYPD Variety Hour      Sketch            Upright Citizens Brigade

Brad Sacks Gets a Hand Job                         Sketch              Upright Citizens Brigade

Fambly Presents: Brand New Day                 Sketch              Upright Citizens Brigade

KFC                                 Dan

Corona – V.O.                    Jeff

Twix                                New Yorker                                   

At&T                                The Richmeister

Greenpeace                       Coal Miner           

Buffalo Wild Wings            Gary

Training & Workshops

Upright Citizens Brigade - Improv  

Michael Delaney, Chris Gethard , Kevin Hines, Will Hines, Anthony King , Jordan Klepper, Charlie Todd, Billy Merrit, Shannon O’Neill, Ian Roberts, Zach Woods, Matt Walsh, Joe Wengert, Zach Woods


Upright Citizens Brigade - Sketch     

Donald Glover, Arthur Meyer, Charlie Sanders


On Camera Commercial Acting Class     Brooke Thomas, Mary Egan Callahan


University of Delaware            Bachelor of Science 


Improv/Stand‐up Comedy, Guitar, and Hacky Sack. 


Acting: Film

Donald Trump’s Art of the Deal: The Movie     Tony            Funny or Die

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